MacBook Repairs

MacBook Repairs

MacBook Repairs are our specialities. MacBook’s are very well built, very durable and generally fairly high specced and let’s face it not cheap. This makes repairing a damaged MacBook a viable option.  Parts are easy to get, and most repairs are completed in 1-2 days.

We only use GENUINE Apple MacBook Parts


We can assist with the following MacBook Repairs:

MacBook Battery Replacements

MacBook Battery replacement with genuine Apple batteries. If you have a MacBook battery that is not lasting as long as it should or infect has very little battery life, we would suggest replacing it ASAP.

Most MacBook Batteries last 2-3 years before showing sign of shortened battery life. We only use Genuine Apple Batteries in all our MacBook battery replacements. All Batteries come with full warranty so you can rest assured your MacBook will work for years to come.

MacBook Battery Replacement Price’s ranges from $149.00 to $289.00 depending on the model.

Once your MacBook battery is not holding a charge anymore, thermal overload can occur (battery swelling) this can damage your laptop beyond economical repair.

MacBook Screen Repair

Professional MacBook Screen replacements. We only use Genuine Screen in all our Mac Screen replacements. If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina, we can help. We have a fully equipped workshop and all our Mac screen replacements come with a warranty.

MacBook Screen replacement cost can vary depending on the model. Screen replacement starts at $289.00 but can go as high as $899.00

With some of the MacBook Screen repairs, the entire top lid will need to be replaced. This is due to the screen assembly being glued, which makes it impossible to replace the internal screen without shadowing.

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MacBook Charging Repair

MacBook Charging problems are common, sometimes all that is required is a good clean of the socket in your MacBook or you’re your charger. Also, try a different charger. If you still have issues charging your MacBook, it can be one of the following.

If your MacBook is flat and does not have a charge lite, it could be the socket that needs replacing, the replacement socket is readily available and takes about an hour to replace.

Charging socket replacement cost $169.00 (model dependent)

When replacing a MacBook battery we would also recommend performing a hardware service at the same time.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keyboard are common sometimes due to key’s not working or keys being worn. We have 18 years’ experience and only use Genuine Apple replacement parts in our MacBook Keyboard repairs.

With some of the MacBook and depending on the damage, the entire palm rest needs to be replaced. The keyboard is glued and permanently pinned to the palm rest.

MacBook Service

One of our most common services, if your Macbook is running hot, has occasional video errors, you may require service. MacBooks have always been high specced, due to this they require a significant cooling system. It draws air in through the air vents into the cooling system and out of the machine,  it also draws in dust which blocks the vents and increases the operating temperature which causes the machine to become problematic.

Once airflow becomes a problem the following symptoms can appear:

  • Fans constantly running
  • Extreme heat through vents
  • Video errors
  • Thermal shutdown,
  • Kernal errors on boot or randomly during use
  • If not resolved eventually hardware failure

MacBook Software Repair

It’s not often that a Macbook will have software issues, but when they do we can help. If you have picked up a virus or you Mac is running slow or your not sure if you should upgrade to the next iOS, we are here to help.

It is quite common for Mac’s to become cluttered with apps and software at startup which slows your MacBook, iMac or MacBook Air down.

This is what is included in a service, the machines get disassembled and all the dust is vacuumed out, the cooling system is disassembled and the thermal past that draws the heat from the CPU and Video chipset is replaced. The unit is then reassembled and tested.

MacBook Upgrades

Upgrades to iMac, MacBook and MacBook are always an option. We can assist with a simple Memory upgrade to improve performance or increase your hard drive space to allow you to store more of your favourite picture. Upgrade are dependant on the type of machine you, they all have different configuration and components that can be upgraded. We can provide a quote on any Macbook upgrade by knowing the model number of your machine.

MacBook and iMac parts are readily available and we only use genuine parts and provide a full warranty.

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