Choice Tel Backup Solutions

Choice Tel Backup Solutions

Protect all your data with a custom Backup Solution, on-premises, in remote systems, in private, public and hybrid clouds, and on mobile devices. Choice Tel backup solutions deliver modern backup-and-recovery capabilities to keep your business data safe and available.


Deploy a modern backup infrastructure

Deploy best-of-breed backup software designed to meet your current and future IT needs. Upgrade or restore the current backup and recovery infrastructure.


  • High-performance, array-based backup, and recovery
  • Cloud-integrated backup-and-recovery and data-availability services
  • High-density disk storage for enterprise backup
  • Small-footprint, low-overhead remote office/branch office solutions

Transform backup and recovery for your enterprise apps

Demand industry-leading data protection for your data-driven enterprise. Choice Tel solutions safeguard your vital enterprise applications, including:

Automatic background protection, Military Strength Security, Incremental Backup, Multiple Backup Sets & Schedules, Accessible Anywhere, Multiple Versions, SQL Database Servers, and Microsoft Exchange.

Sleep well, knowing your data is available.


Efficient Backup and Recovery for Any Business

What happens if your organization loses its data? Since data is your organization’s most critical corporate asset, loss of data can have significant financial consequences — unproductive employees, dissatisfied clients, lost sales, and additional costs.

If your organization is subject to compliance regulations, you can also be in a non-compliant state, pay high fines, and incur brand damage. With the volume of data exploding and the IT landscape evolving to hybrid cloud environments, you know protecting all of your data — everywhere — ensures business continuity.


Reduce management complexity with a versatile, simple user interface


Trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide


Protect your entire business, regardless of where your data is stored — on-premises, remote, private cloud, public cloud, and mobile


Quickly back up and restore workloads anywhere with best-in-class data protection software

Backup Partnerships

We partner with leading backup-software vendors to provide the highest service levels—across the Choice Tel storage portfolio.

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