Internet and Networking

Internet Issue

We can assist with all your internet connections, including troubleshooting them. If you have switched internet provider or have upgraded to NBN, we can help troubleshoot your connection, liaise with your provider on your behalf to identify your issue and solve it once and for all.

Using 4G or 5G mobile internet, no problem. We have plenty of experience configuring and providing a recommendation on available 4g or 5g modems. We can help you set them up or change configurations to suit your needs.

    Weak Wifi and Wireless Security

    Are you frustrated with you home or business computer network? Our mobile computer repairs Service will identify the network issue. Be it Wifi or your Lan. The most common problem we assist with poor wifi through home or office.

    We use sophisticated wifi software to look for interference on your wireless network, which could be squashing your signal and resulting in lag or intermittent wifi dropouts. If we do identify congestion or interference from other Wifi networks or devices, we can fine-tune your system to resolve the problem.

    Wifi Range Issues. If you have a larger home may be and upstairs and downstairs, and you’re experiencing poor wifi connectivity. We can recommend repeater or extenders to increase the range of your wireless network. You must get the right device,

    Do you need a repeater or an extender?

    How does it get configured and placed for the best performance!

    We can asses your existing wireless setup, make a recommendation, provide the hardware and configure for the most optimum wireless network.

    We can also give you upgrade options on hardware to improve wifi speed and coverage.

      Network Troubleshooting

      Unable to print or having issues with network cabling?

      We can assist with all your network problems, from network printer configurations to adding additional cabled network devices with an additional network switch.

      Once you start thinking about building a computer network or you may already have a network that is giving you issues. We can assist with setting dedicated network address and firewall rules to ensure your computer network is stable and secure.  

      Setup file sharing across your computer network with secure user/folder permission should also be configured correctly to allow users to collaborate on files and folders with ease.  

      NAS Drive (Network-attached Storage) Devices are an excellent way or sharing, or backup information shared across many users. Once you start sharing information with other users you should also think about backing up your data.

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