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Well worth repairing this laptop

Laptop Repair – This laptop was dropped into our workshop for assessment, the Dell laptop had broken hinges to the point where the screen did not stay upright, before it stopped working the client advised that the unit ran very hot and shut down frequently, after continuing use the unit eventually stopped working completely. The initial request was to recover data.

On inspection of the laptop we found numerous faults including a broken laptop chassis, causing the laptop screen to be unstable as the metal laptop hinges had no support,  damaged charging socket and dried thermal paste (thermal paste draws the heat from the CPU into the cooling system) This may sound like and expensive repair however as this laptop requires full disassembly, all parts were easily accessible, so this repairs was quit cost effective.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs Wynnum

Once we discovered what was required to repair this laptop, we were able to source replacement parts from our oversea’s laptop spare parts supplier. The unit had a full laptop serviced including thermal paste. The chassis was replaced with a genuine OEM part and so was the laptop charging socket.

Laptop Charging issue fixed

Laptop Charging problem Resolved

Once the laptop parts had arrived the Dell Laptop was reassembled and tested. The laptop was running cool, the laptop screen was solid and moved perfectly, charging was also resolved the with the charging socket replacement.

Laptop Repairs Wynnum

Laptop Charging Socket Repair

Now the dollars…. the laptop repair cost the client  $379.00   The client had budgeted between $1200 and $1500 for a new laptop, data recovery would have been around the $150. 00 He would have had to get used to Windows 10 (which he was not a big fan off) and install all additional software and configure it.

Needless to say he was super happy :) and so were we :) :)

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